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Why we are designing SALT

It is our pleasure and our duty…

Alexander Goldin, CEO, Alango Technologies Ltd.

First, a few words about Alango… Alango Technologies is a recognized market leader in developing and licensing front-end digital voice processing technologies for consumer electronics, automotive and other non-medical applications. Our technologies are used in millions of mobile phones, Bluetooth phone accessories and automotive hands-free systems. They effectively clean signals from ambient noises and acoustic echoes, enhance and amplify speech enabling the best quality voice communication between people. This is our business…

And SALT… SALT is our pleasure and our duty. It is our pleasure to return the sense of hearing, the sense of life to people. And it is our duty to utilize our experience and our skills to try making it happen.

SALT is being designed for those who otherwise cannot afford a hearing solution priced thousands of dollars today. We want to deliver it to them for a fraction of cost while actually giving much more. We want all hearing impaired people around the world to enjoy sound, to enjoy voice communication, to be able to work, to lead active life. SALT is for elderly people who need to stay connected, SALT is for middle edge people who need help communicating at work, SALT is also for young people who need an appealing device that does not look as a hearing aid and has a functionality of a consumer device. SALT is also for those to whom even the most expensive hearing aid cannot help – completely deaf people. With its digital signal processing and detection, it can alert a deaf user about environmental sounds via vibration.

We also want SALT to be used by people without hearing loss. SALT can be used for business (Bluetooth speakerphone), leisure (Bluetooth stereo headset), outdoor activity (intercom), safety (motion sensing and sound detection), vibration alert device and other applications. Use it and you will help us to reduce SALT price for those who need help.

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