SALT as...

 ... a companion microphone

 ... a TV listening system

 ... a wireless intercom

 ... a hearing dog

 ... a T-coil receiver

 ... a fall detector

 ... a wireless leash

 ... a health assistive device

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SALT is much more than a Bluetooth™ neck loop.

SALT brings the most advanced digital sound processing technologies to all types of hearing aids equipped with Telecoil, even the cheapest ones.

SALT also delivers personally enhanced sound with additional communication functionalities via standard headphones or earbuds. So SALT is also:

  1. Bluetooth stereo headset for direct communication to your mobile phone and music listening;
  2. Companion microphone decreasing the distance between you and the person you want to hear;
  3. Wireless, up to 30m Bluetooth intercom to communicate with another SALT user directly;
  4. TV assistive listening system transmitting TV sound to SALT device and then to user’s ear;
  5. Vibration alert (alarm, incoming phone call, reminder and unique “virtual hearing dog” capability);
  6. Talking organizer reminding your important tasks by voice (medicine, calls, events, etc.);
  7. Wireless leash alerting when your phone is out of range (forgotten or stolen)
  8. Body sensors data hub acquiring low energy BT signals from body sensors.
    Enables voice and  vibration health alerts, makes automatic emergency calls;

SALT connectivity diagram


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